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Passionate about Machine Learning and a general geek, I blog about programming.

About me

My name’s Felix. I live in Aarhus, Denmark, doing ML for a global aerospace and defence company.

Area of Expertise!

I make machines learn using python. Currently working on a sequence to sequence model that performs basecalling.

Made a model to path people in a building  based on wireless access point connections to their phones.

Projects for time series predictions: stock market, weather.

I do my best to write fast and elegant code while keeping it readable. I’m torn between my love for functional programming and my desire to write my own data structures using pointers.

Doing ML means I had to spend a lot of time processing large amounts of data and preparing them for the models.

Worked for over 2 years as a Full Stack developer, mostly Java.

Multiple back-ends for personal projects using Node, Java, Go. Consumed them using AngularJS, native iOS, and hybrid apps using ionic. I set up my own servers.

Not afraid of a challenge, wrote a compiler in Haskell.

I’ve played with Arduino since High School, building countless small projects. I’ve recently been playing with ESP32’s, having built my own weather station from the ground up a few years ago. Hoping to get to combine IOT and ML at some point in the future.

Learn the different ways of creating models in Tensorflow, from the sequential model to the functional model, and finally using GradientTape.

In this post, we’ll join the clustering and autoencoder experiments together by performing clustering on the encoding and see how it performs.
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